Trade your waste for Eko-products

Wow your hotel guests

Sustainable packaging

Making workplaces sustainable

Raw materials

Biggest corporate eko exchange program

Comfort can be high quality and eco-friendly too. 

Lower your packaging’s Carbon footprint with mindful and zero-waste alternatives

Instil green(er) culture at work.

Sustainable development starts with making sustainable products

Making stays eco-friendly

Serve sustainably and leave a positive mark, choose our plastic-free hotel products for a responsible spark.

Plastic free
Eco-conscious materials

Sustainable Packaging

Elevate your eco-consciousness with our sustainable packaging products, preserving the planet for future generations.


Making workplaces sustainable

Empower your office to be both productive and environmentally responsible with sustainable workplace products.


Social Impact

Switcheko works with the Self Help Groups to provide you the best like you need it. By becoming a part of Switcheko, you are moving towards a sustainable future as well as supporting many SHGs, tribes etc.


We make it easy to begin sustainability journey with our step by step process

Training & Awareness

Train and sensitise your stakeholders with training and awareness about Sustainability and Sustainability Lifestyle

Green Audits

Our team of experts do an end to end audit of your campus, workplaces and suggest recommendations that will have maximum impact

Transformation Projects

We transform offices, hotels, schools & colleges into a sustainable place

Community engagement

Engage your employees, students to imbibe sustainable lifestyle with competitions, events, hands-on activities etc..

Our clients

Who made the switch

Awards and Recognitions

Product Launches and Appreciation

Media Coverage

Be a part of the transition toward sustainability with Switcheko.”

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