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How can we help you to Switch to Eko?

Sustainable & Eco-friendly Alternatives

We provide a wide range of alternatives to plastic and other disposables used in your businesses. Cutlery, Packaging, Containers, and more…


Customised Packaging

We bring customised solutions for your packaging needs. Be it a bag, a box or a pouch – we find the solutions for you!

Employee Onboarding

Bringing Awareness through Packaging

It is all in the Packaging and we strongly believe so! Our bio-degradable alternatives bring awareness while saving the environment.

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Why buy from us?

We believe in making the change Today for a safer Tomorrow!


Trusted & Reliable

We believe in providing reliable solutions for you, since we are all in this TOGETHER!


We source the most trusted and cost effective sustainable solutions for you

Efficient & Creative

Our team of Eco-enthusiasts scout the best and most efficient & creative products

Did you know?

Replacing 10 plastic bottles will help you save enough energy to power your laptop fro 25 hours!

Eat with your spoon and Eat your spoon after! Reduce your waste by 80%

Leave your legacy behind, not your carbon footprint. Make the switch & reduce your footprint to Zero

You save more than 90% in bills if you switch to re-usable bottles

“Do not wait for the Change, Be the Change

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