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We are making it easy for businesses and people to access information about living an eco-friendly lifestyle with a dedicated helpline and an AI enabled chatbot

9705 100 017

A dedicated Helpline emergency number for sustainability helping you achieve sustainability goals

Chat with Eko Talks

An AI Enabled chatbot to answer all your sustainable queries anytime anywhere

Meet Eko Talks,
and ask anything on sustainability

Ask in Hinglish, Hindi, Telugu and we answer it

Ask us anything

We will try our best to give you the solution

Ask about Sustainability

Our helpline is supported by a team of sustainability experts who can help you with your sustainability queries.

Eco-Friendly Product Suggestions

We can recommend eco-friendly product alternatives for everyday products, be it clothes, utensils, or more.

Sustainability Lifestyle Tips

We can provide you with a range of lifestyle tips to help you lead a more sustainable life.

Customized Solutions

We can provide customized solutions for your sustainability needs. Just ask our experts!

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