Cutlery Kit

Ready to embark on an eco-friendly journey? This bamboo cutlery set is the perfect companion! It’s lightweight, stylish and comes with all the essentials – spoon, fork, chopsticks, steel straw and a straw cleaner. No more worrying about plastic cutlery when eating away from home. Perfect for picnics, camping or lunch at work.

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1 Bamboo Spoon
1 Bamboo Fork
1 Steel Straw
1 Bamboo Knife
1 Bamboo Chopsticks
1 Straw Cleaner
1 Cotton Pouch

Bamboo cutlery is a highly sustainable option as it is 100% biodegradable and compostable, making sure that it won’t add to the already overflowing landfills.

Bamboo is a strong and lightweight material, making it suitable for cutlery. Utensils made out of bamboo are also easy to clean and maintain.

It has natural antimicrobial properties, making it less likely to harbor bacteria or other harmful microorganisms.

These utensils can be used for a variety of food items, including hot and cold dishes. It’s a versatile option.


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