Plantable Paper

This paper is 100% wood-free, handmade, and manufactured from cotton leftovers from cotton industries. One of the standout features of this product is that it has plantable seeds concealed in it. This eco-friendly paper has a clean white finish that makes it ideal for a variety of purposes.

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Size: Customizable
Paper Finish: Uncoated
Material: Plantable Paper
Seed: Marigold

The 250 GSM white paper offers a superior quality with a smooth feel. The paper is also highly resistant to smudging, fading and tearing, making it a durable choice for long-term use.

It is a great choice for high-end printing projects, such as invitations, business cards, and brochures, as it provides a professional look with excellent print results.

These papers have growable seeds concealed within them. After using the paper, it can be sown and planted.

Our highly trained professionals can provide premium-quality papers in your preferred color and size.


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