3 Simple ways to reduce your carbon footprint

The summers are getting hotter, and the winters are getting shorter. Unexpected droughts and
floods are causing destruction all over the world.Any idea what can be the reason?

‘Increasing carbon footprint’
Now you might wonder,

What is the carbon footprint?

How it impacts the planet?

Transportation of an exotic or non-seasonal fruit/vegetable from farther places uses a large
amount of petrol. Every plastic item thrown in the trash ends up in the landfill and stays there
for years. All these events release greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide being the main gas.
Every activity done by individuals and organizations releases these harmful gases – known as
our carbon footprint. Our careless behaviour and mindless consumption have resulted in an
extreme increase in our carbon footprints.

Now is the time to take action in creating a life that is in harmony with nature. A reduction in
the carbon footprint is the need of the moment to save the planet. Read ahead to learn simple
ways to reduce your carbon footprint by making core lifestyle changes.

3 Lifestyle shifts to reduce your carbon footprint

Bamboo Products
Did you ever realize that the plastic combs/straws/brushes/cutleries you discard in the dustbin
remain in landfills for years? The plastic gets heated in summer and releases microplastics
through waters in the monsoons. Moreover, it releases harmful gases as it decomposes over
the years. Every non-recyclable plastic product you discard releases greenhouse gases.
Plastic Straws, cutleries, plates and other similar products result in more carbon footprint.

What to do?
As an alternative, you can shift from plastic to bamboo products. Switcheko provides bamboo
toothbrushes, combs, cutlery kits and green leaf plates to reduce plastic waste. They not only
help the planet but are also good for your health. Less use of plastic means fewer chances of
microplastics entering your body.


Walk or Share a ride!
Walking has become a rare action in today’s times. People use a personal vehicle no matter
how close the distance is. Every use leads to increased pollution and releases greenhouse
There are three different ways to reduce the carbon footprint –
● Taking a walk (in the nearby distance)
● Choosing to use public transport (to share the load of carbon footprint)
● Share a ride with people going to the same destination
Next time you go for a ride, see if you can choose from either of these options.

Eat Local and Seasonal
Fruits and vegetables grown in the nearby areas have less carbon footprint. On the other
hand, imported food leads to more emission of greenhouse gases. Thus, it is healthy and
sustainable to opt for local food.
Seasonal food is also favourable for human health. Non-seasonal crops are grown with
chemicals, which can lead to health issues. However, seasonal food naturally grows in their
specific season. Nature has designed the cycle to give the human body crucial nutrients in all
Consistency is the key!
Does it seem impossible to bring these changes?

Well, begin with the most simple habit. Buy yourself a bamboo toothbrush. Eventually, you
can add other changes one by one. Trying to change everything at the same time seems like
a burden. Beginning with small things is the key to meaningful transformations.

Also, Switcheko is by your side in every shift towards living a sustainable and eco-friendly life.
Let’s get together and make every effort to save this planet from climate change, excessive
waste and pollution.

Authored by

Brinda Shah

Switcheko Blogging Competition Runner Up

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