Sustainability Ke Saath Swatantrata – Environmental fraud

Environmental fraud refers to any act that involves the deliberate misrepresentation, concealment, or omission of information related to the environment for personal or financial gain. This can include activities such as illegal dumping of hazardous waste, false reporting of emissions data, or the sale of counterfeit

environmentally-friendly products. Environmental fraud can have serious consequences, including harm to human health and damage to the natural environment.It is illegal in many countries, and can result in significant fines and even prison time for those found guilty of committing such crimes.

The information you give can: help to bring the person or organization who committed the crime to justice environmental fraud is a crime – this could help to prevent further crimes and protect others from becoming victims.

Help your community – all crimes and anti social behaviour have a negative effect and reporting them can help the problem be addressed.

Let’s end Frauds this 2022 work towards sustainability 2023

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