The Power of Plant-Based: The Benefits of Plant-Based Products in the Current World

The modern world is gradually becoming sensitive to the emissions of pollutants to the atmosphere and thus embracing clean and sustainable products. Another type of product which has gained immense popularity in the recent past belongs to the category of plant-based products. From what we eat to what we apply on our skin, plant based products are becoming the new frontier in the fight against climate change. However, in the modern food market, there is a great trend for plant-based products, which imitate the taste of real meat. Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods are two firms that have created Fake meat through plant-protein products, and the reality is that they provide a durable solution to pollution, which is caused by meat production. 

These products have experienced a growth in sales by 45% and are currently priced at one dollar. 4 billion in 2020. The role of plant-based food products does not only lie in satisfying the traditional plant-food-plus-meat model. The plant-based milk, more specifically oat milk, has posted an impressive growth of 170 per cent in sales over the past two years with companies like Oatly. 

An oat-based liquid needs 80% less land resources and 60% less energy to produce than a dairy-based liquid. Plant-based products are also joining the bandwagon of emerging products in the cosmetics industry. Chief among them is the move towards natural, plant-based ingredients pioneered by brands such as Lush and The Body Shop, which seek to minimize the use of synthetic chemicals and are more environmentally friendly. 

Lush, a British producer of bath and beauty products has developed shampoo bars containing ingredients such as coconut oil and organic cocoa butter, which eliminates more than a hundred million plastic bottles in landfills. The benefits of the plant-based products are not only in the environmental aspect, but in various others as well. 

A large number of plant-based foods could contain plenty of nutrients, fibers, and antioxidant compounds to improve the health of the consumer. Organic cosmetics also do not harm the skin as much as regular cosmetics because they are made using plants which do not cause reactions such as itching to the skin. While consumers are paying more attention to the effects their decisions have on the environment, there is no doubt that people will keep on calling for more production of plant-based items. Exploring the potential of both the plant and the idea, it is possible to at least begin the development of a more sustainable and healthier future supported by natural, eco-friendly products.

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